Join other party people and learn the basics to the perfect celebration.

Monthly Holidays

Monthly creative holidays explored for the entire month

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A comprehensive listing of wines.

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Reasons to Party

A comprehensive listing of unique reasons to party on special occasions.

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A comprehensive collection of practical party tips and sources for extraordinary parties. Inspiration to plan events to celebrate life's special occasions and create memories for everyone to cherish.


CPS Shop

A comprehensive source with which to shop for parties and gift related items.

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Baby Needs and Gifts

A comprehensive listing of baby needs, gifts and toys.

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Historical Events

A comprehensive review of historical events in time..

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Famous Birthdays

A collection of famous birthdays listed by date.

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A list of resources for party clothing.

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Beauty, Makeup and Fragrances

A comprehensive listing of beauty aids for your party persona.

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Games, Activities and Entertainment

A comprehensive listing of games and activities to enchance any party.

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Destination Locations

A comprehensive listing of destination locations for the creative party enthusiast.

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Party Recipes

A comprehensive listing of party recipes for the creative host and hostess.

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Photos and Photographers

A comprehensive source listing of photos and photographers.

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A comprehensive listing of gifts suitable for all occasions.

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Party Supplies

A listing of disposable party supplies.

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Times Are A Changing.....

Times are a changing and so is our site. We are beginning to address issues that will enhance our daily lives as well as specific parties. For example, simple, inexpensive tablescapes that you can create for your family making a regular day into a special one. After all, our families should be one of the most important focal points in our lives.

Thomas the Tank

Thomas the Tank merchandise

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twilight party goods

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Spiderman party goods

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Barbie party goods

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Tinkerbell party products

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Blog-Busting Specials

Don't let the economy take away from your fun times. Take a close look at our current specials and save a "bundle".

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Wow, "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" - What Next??SPECIALS from of course!However, we are not limiting this section of our site to the upcoming Holidays. This will be a continuously updated page to reflect some of the best in sales and deals on the internet throughout the entire year.Be sure to check us out today, and everyday to make sure you do not miss out on any fantastic promotions!

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Cyber Monday

WOW!..Cyber Monday is here! Time to get those computer keys clicking to some holiday music and find some fantastic holiday deals. Be sure to take our lead at the GIFT NOOK and latch on to some great finds.

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Not Just Halloween...

As you are aware, the Creative-Party-Source site is not just for Halloween. It is caters to all types of parties and the things that you need for them. And while we are at it, it is not only for party givers but party goers alike. Talk about covering a wide range of topics!! Check out our Holidays page and move on from there. You are in for the Treat of your life -- no Trick!

A last minute question...What do you call a witch that loves the beach?? (A sand witch, of course!)

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The Clock is Ticking....

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. Time is starting to run out BUT it is not too late to still order your costumes and decor for Halloween. Use the next few days to make your decision and click away as you make your purchases.

Click on the link provided and you will be directed to a myraid of sources to solve your Halloween needs...

By the way, what do you call a ghoul with a broken leg? (A hoblin' goblin!)

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Bring in the Clowns...

A fun, anytime costume is that of a clown! Happy, sad, whimsical - the choice is yours. Just think of all of the neat accessories you can include with your costume.

This is also a great choice for a "group" costume. You can literally go as a "troupe" of clowns - just like the circus. What fun!

By the way, do you know which monster loves dance music? (The boogieman!)

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Flappers on Parade...

Still looking for that perfect costume? Have you considered being a "FLAPPER"? What a fun costume! Right out of the "Roaring 20's"!

Pair it up with a "Gangster" outfit and you have the perfect "Couples" costume. If you are attending a party with a special someone, couples costumes are great. They give you the opportunity to be playful with the other person during the course of the party and create a fun atmosphere for everyone around you.

Getting back to your flapper costume, don't forget the beads and a terrific headpiece. They really add to the aura.

By the way, did you hear what happened to the guy who didn't pay the exorcist? (He got repossessed.)

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Pirates Galore

Ahoy, there! Find pirate attire and accessories beyond your wildest dreams. It's not too late to set sail for Halloween bargains...

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Time is a fleeting... Halloween is almost upon us. Take time today to start your creative search!

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