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IT IS TIME TO that you have decided to have a party and have determined what you want the specific theme to be.  

Throughout our site you have found many different sources of information and suppliers that you can call on to help you through your party planning experience.  Now we will be offering you select products that you can purchase directly from us under several diverse categories to get your party going, have it move forward with momentum, and have future memories. Don't limit yourself to one category.  If you are looking for a gift for an adult or child you may find what you are looking for under "Crafts" or another category. Use your imagination! We are starting with the following categories and will add as we expand our site with your feedback.

Crafts:  These items can keep your party moving.  This is especially true for children's parties.  You do not want children to become "bored" because they can quickly exhibit destructive behavior.  As a host, you need to channel their energy into something that is positive.  Crafts are an excellent source for this purpose. Try to focus on the age of the crafter.  Smaller children tend to have shorter attention spans.  This being the case, you may want to do a few small crafts that take less time to complete with younger children.  Also, keep in mind the developmental skills of the children involved.  You want the children to be able to complete the project on their own with minimal adult influence and participation.  You want the child to "own it" when they are done.  A little thought here before shopping can go a long way in making the activity a success or a virtual nightmare.

The finished craft can be taken home as a favor from the party as a reminder of the great time that the child had.  If the craft is not completed within the allotted time, let the child take home some extra pieces and complete it at home at his leisure.  By providing a craft activity at the party you have accomplished at least two things. One creating a constructive party activity and Two a take home favor!

Let your creative side take over here.  Mix and match items that you find in these sections, try to coordinate them to the specific theme of your party, and most of all have fun with it!  

Artist Supplies

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Jewelry Making

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Gifts for Adults: Gifts for adults can cover a wide spectrum of choices.  Gifts can be purchased that are funny, practical, simple or elaborate to name a few.  Again, keep in mind the persons specific likes and interests.  Don't allow you own interests to dominate your purchasing choices.  Yes, they can guide you but should not dictate your choices.  Just because you "love" an item, does not mean that the recipient will as well.  Also consider the personality of the adult that you are buying a gift for as well.  You might think that a particular gag item is funny, but the person who receives it might be offended.  Consider the persons particular sense of humor.  Choose wisely.

Gifts for Children:  The occasion often arises when we or a member of our family are invited to a party for a child.  This necessitates us purchasing a gift for the honored child.  Be sure to take into consideration the child's age, development and interests. 

The most obvious gift choice for children is some sort of toy which can enhance developmental skills or spur creativity.

Again, think creatively.  Smaller items can be placed in a gift basket around a theme or perhaps even used as "prizes" for party games.  The following are some ideas to help you along.


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Young Children

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Older Children

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Memory Making:  What a better way to remember the special events that you planned or attended by creating a memory book or a scrapbook page for each one.  Every time you view the pages that you created, you will be reminded of the very special events that transpired and people who attended.  Pictures in albums can also suffice; but add embellishments and they can be transformed into total works of art that will be treasured for many years to come by future generations. 

A regular album or a "chipboard" album can be created to serve as a very personal gift for someone as well.  For an example, create an album around the significant events during a person's life, a special trip, or a significant experience.  By taking the extra time and utilizing your creativity, you can create a gift that will be cherished for many years to come!

Here we are providing you with some things to get you started:


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Personal Care:  You have spent hours planning the perfect party.  You've chosen your theme, decorated the party area, cooked, chosen activities and completed all of the other things that needed to be done.  Now you need to focus on YOU!  Take some time for yourself to relax and put things into perspective.  If you are feeling and looking good; you will portray confidence at your party.  To this end, we have included this section for you.

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