Be sure to take a look at the resources we have provided you for wines. These can be used as a beverage when hosting a party or gift giving. There are so many wonderful wines to choose from. Education is the key to choosing a wine which complements what you are serving at an event. Sometimes one wine will all that you need. However, if you have several different entries for your guests, you should consider having more than one type of wine. Moreover, your entire party may revolve around a "wine tasting".

Wine Tasting Program

No minimums, no memberships, just great wines.

Some popular wines and their pairings:

Cabernet Sauvignon:
Deep, dark rich hues which invite you to take a sip.
Pairs well with Steak, Stews, Hamburgers and Chocolate.

White Zinfandel:
Pleasing notes of light red fruit and strawberries.
Pairs well with Fish, Pork, Light Pastas and Spicier Foods.

Velvety softness expressed through raspberry and cherry notes.
Pairs well with Port, Beef, Seasoned Chicken and Red Pasta Sauces.

Crisp citrus flavors that are well-balanced on the palate with a smooth and clean finish.
Pairs well with Pork, Poultry dishes, Salads and Cream Sauces.

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