Planning a party can be almost as much fun as the event itself. Whether it's a birthday, a baby or bridal shower, or an anniversary celebration, you aspire to have the best ever.

To be sure, today's busy lifestyles leave very little time for the basic necessities - much less planning for anything out of the ordinary. Using Creative-Party-Source.com as a time saving guide and combining it with your unique style and creativity, you can make your next occasion a true celebration. Among various themes, activities and games, you will find imaginative invitations, dazzling decorations and shower favors that will "knock the socks off" of your guests -- all under one umbrella.

Parties are a wonderful outlet for creative expression and can enrich our lives as nothing else can. They can create new family traditions which will be remembered and passed on through the generations. Through parties we are able to touch the lives of our family and friends by sharing our joy, love and achievements.

Enough said...



Explore how BALLOONS can take your special occasion to new heights! A welcoming and light-hearted environment can be created through the whimsical use of this media.

One of the prime reasons for a celebration is a BIRTHDAY. It can be a MILESTONE like a 1st birthday or a 100th or anywhere in between. Everyone has an innate need to feel special and what a better way to recognize this need than through a party celebrating the day of your birth. Explore the ways BIRTHDAYS can be celebrated in a number of formats: Licensed themes, non-licensed themes and the realm of "real special" birthdays - MILESTONES.

Are COSTUMES only for Halloween and masquerade events? We think not! Explore the way COSTUMES can be utilized in a multitude of arenas.

Every special occasion presents itself with a unique gift giving opportunity. The GIFTNOOK provides you with a steppingstone to truly novel present ideas for every occasion. In the GIFTNOOK you will be immersed into out-of-the-ordinary gifts as well as the traditional. Many of the selections will be a memorable gift for the receiver and an opportunity to set yourself apart as a person who cares enough to put careful thought into the gift-giving process!

Party opportunities abound and HOLIDAYS are not the least among these. These parties can be held as intimate encounters or as large gatherings. Explore the possibilities here.

No one knows you are having a party unless an INVITATION is sent announcing it. Discover the multitude of ways to make this announcement. After all, the anticipation is paramount to having your guests get excited about the Big Day! The more unique the invite, the more anticipation is generated. The invitation was awesome: the party will undoubtedly be even better!

Every aspect of party awareness cannot be covered by a single web location. Therefore, we at CREATIVE-PARTY-SOURCE are providing you with additional LINK locations to stock your arsensal with extraordinary ideas and products.

The most important times in our lives are recognized with MILESTONES Be it a 1st Birthday, 40th Birthday, Graduation, Wedding or Retirement, these take a special place in our lives. They mark a turning point and desserve a special recognition from family and friends.

What a better way to say thank you for attending our party than leaving a guest with a unique PARTY FAVOR that coordinates with the theme. A favor commemorating the special occasion will be fondly treasured and remembered for years to come.

There are always reasons to party even if they are not particularly personal events in our lives. Reasons to Party 1; Reasons to Party 2; Reasons to Party 3; and Reasons to Party 4 all explore creative reasons to gather; socialize and have fun! Have a great time exploring thimes to party outside of the traditional in each quarter of the year.

As Creative-Party-Source explored for related party ideas, we came across a myraid of sites that stimulated our thinking. We would like to share these with you in SERENDIPITY! Explore and enjoy!

Baby and Bridal SHOWERS are traditional ways to pour gifts upon the new baby or bride. Take a look at traditional showers as well as some that are not so traditional.

Still searching for unique ideas? Try THEME PARTIES. Wow! You can really get carried away here. Turn your location into a beach scene for a luau, a western dude ranch for a ho-down, or a fairy tale castle for a princess party. What fun!!

Be sure to stop by on a routine basis. We are constantly updating our site. We are changing and adding many new and different topics that you can utilize in your daily life as well as for a specific party. Life itself should be a party! Plan wisely, treat others with love and respect and reap the benefits.


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