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Birthdays are the most frequently celebrated events in a person's life. Everyone has an innate need to be recognized and made to feel special. What better way to accomplish this than with a party that brings together family and friends.


It is totally amazing that today we have thousands of party supplies with which we can create unique and memorable celebrations with at our finger tips over the internet. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can now plan your entire party at home. You can be in your pajamas on the comfort of your couch while the children are in bed. What convenience! Not only can you enjoy the convenience, you can also visit several "stores" and shop the best from each one. All within minutes....


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After you decide to have a party for yourself or host an event for someone else, you have so many things to consider: Type of party - themed or not, invitations, food, favors, games etc. It can either be overwhelming or OVERWHELMINGLY FUN! Try to divide the responsibilities into smaller portions and you can have fun each step of the way up to the day!!

Birthday events need to be broken down into two distinct categories: Adult and Child.

Adult celebrations for birthdays can be general in nature or focus on Specific Themes . Obviously, the theme should be chosen on the basis of the interests of the guest of honor. Does the honored person like to travel in warm climates, perhaps a luau would be appropriate. Does the person like Halloween or Mardi Gras? Perhaps a costume party is in the aire. You get the idea...Match a person's interests with the theme of the party.

Also if the special day falls within particular "Milestones" Milestones for adults are usually considered to be "21", "30", "40", "50", "60", "70", "80", "90",and "100". If you wish to be more generic rather than zeroing in on a particular age, you can choose partyware that is more encompassing: "Over the Hill" or "Aged to Perfection" are two such age related themes.

If all else fails or you are short on time...a generic birthday party can fit the bill. Just try to make it special for the person being honored. This can be done with a special invitation, or perhaps a favor for everyone attending that relates to something the honoree enjoys. When the party is over and everyone returns to their own homes, they will remember the good times that were had when they see or use the favor! Keep the good times rolling....

Special birthday occasions for children are diverse as well. While some children are happy with General Juvenile Party Themes like:

Ponies -- Lady Bugs -- Monster Trucks -- Rock Stars -- Circus -- Jets -- Airplanes -- Tie Dye --Robots -- Tea Parties

Pirates -- Space -- Unicorns -- Magic -- Monkeys -- Cowboys -- Medieval Knights -- Sleep Overs -- Martial Arts

Dinosaurs -- Dogs -- Cats -- Barnyard Animals -- Princesses -- Fire Trucks -- Construction Vehicles -- Trains

Ocean Adventures -- Ballerinas -- Zoo Animals -- Bugs -- Little League Baseball -- Gymnastics

Most children want their special event to focus on Specific Licensed Characters OR a particular show/movie like: Hannah Montana -- Handy Manny -- Dora the Explorer --Little Mermaid -- Mickey Mouse -- Minnie Mouse -- Candyland

Barbie -- Ben 10 -- Barney -- Winnie the Pooh -- Strawberry Shortcake -- Toy Story -- Batman -- Transformers

Spiderman -- Little Pet Shop -- Wizards of Waverly Place -- Snow White -- Disney's World of Cars -- Twilight -- Elmo

Marvel Superheroes -- Star Wars -- Sponge Bob -- Tinkerbell -- Bakugan -- Princess and the Frog -- Sesame Street

Superman -- Dr. Seuss -- My Little Pony -- GI Joe -- Harry Potter -- Scooby Doo -- Abby Cadabby -- Curious George

Cinderella -- How to Train Your Dragon -- Avatar -- Hello Kitty -- Backyardigans -- Snoopy -- John Deere -- Nascar

American Idol -- Harley-Davidson -- Lego Ville -- Mario Brothers -- Go, Diego, Go -- Pokemon -- Power Rangers

Luckily many options abound for the most popular. Suggest several party themes to your child and let your child choose one.

The best advise for birthday parties (or any party for that matter) is that a little creativity can go a long way! Creativity can help simplify planning, help cut costs (and these days, we all need help in this arena) as well as creating fantastic memories to be enjoyed for years to come.... For instance, instead of hosting the party at home consider free or inexpensive "out of the ordinary" locations. Sometimes local firehouses host parties. What a great place to host a fireman themed birthday party!! A summer birthday may best be hosted at a park with play equipment and picnic tables and lots of room for games. Planning ahead of time, will make the difference between a party and a truly fantastic party!

Keep in mind that birthday "Milestones" are also important to children. The most popular are "1", "15", and "16".

Regardless of the type of party you're throwing for an adult or child, planning will pave the "road" to success.

Perhaps the biggest party challenge is entertaining and amusing a group of children for an extended period of time. If you are planning a party around 2 or 3 year olds, keep the guest list shorter rather than longer. Invite the parents too! The children will be more at ease and the moms and/or dads will feel more comfortable being with their youngsters. Be sure to utilize the extra grown up hands for games and refreshments. With slightly older children (4-5 year olds) be sure to plan a load of energy-burning activities. Be sure to check out the Activities and Games sections for help here. Remember that Activities and Games can be creatively adapted for any age group or theme.


How to Play the Pinata Party Game

Whether you are hosting an adult or a child birthday party, the pinata party game is bound to be the highlight of the celebration. The pinata is a great kid party game for all occasions!

Step by Step Instructions:

1. First, make sure you have everything needed to play this kid party game, such as a rope, a place from where to hang the pinata (a tree branch, a basketball hoop, two adults holding ends of a rope with a pinata hanging in middle, etc.), pinata candy and toy stuffers, a pinata buster stick and blindfolds for the participants.

2. Fill the pinata with the party favors before guests arrive at the party.

3. Organize the kids in a line, starting with the smallest one all the way to the tallest one. Only blindfold children that are over 3 years old, then spin them around a few times, provide them with the pinata buster stick and let loose to hit the pinata.

4. For safety's sake, while a child is hitting the pinata during the game, all other children must be kept away (a minimum 15' radius is recommended) from the hitter. Furthermore, the child should have completely ceased to hit the pinata before you allow the other kids to go grab the party favors spilled on the floor.

5. Allow each child to hit the pinata at least a couple of times before you move on to the next child.

To make the pinata party game even more fun, the pinata must be swung up and down, and guests must be encouraged to misdirect the pinata hitter (if the pinata is down, tell the hitter the pinata is up, etc).

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Birthdays for all ages can be memorable events that will be kept in the hearts of everyone for years and years to come. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The occasion is only limited by your imagination.
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