Balloons can take your party to new heights. Perhaps nothing conveys a celebration nor emphasizes a theme , like they do. Themes do with adult parties --luau, western, over the hill etc. and children's birthdays - Spiderman, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Bob the Builder and the like. Don't forget to coordinate these with your other decor items. Themed items can be found in both latex and mylar. Be sure to take some time and do your homework here. It can make the difference between having a party and having a simply fantastic party! With their vibrant colors, unique shapes, and ease of movement, they naturally make people smile and add excitement to special occasions like a Birthday or a Milestone event. Don't forget Holidays . They can very easily enhance and complement your other party items. They are definately a far cry from the products of yesteryear. The broad range of emerging formats is incredible; they can convey personalized greetings, they can sing, be played with, be utilized in games, spray confetti, be used in centerpieces and the list goes on and on. It almost seems that new features and uses are being added every day or so.

A welcoming, and light-hearted environment can be created through the whimsical use of this media. A single unit or a cluster of product can create an elegant and/or whimsical effect. Single latex can be attached to chairs, lamps or other stationary items. The guest of honor can be distinguished from other partygoers by a grouping attached to their chair. A cluster of product can also placed in these locations which can achieve a completely different feeling.

Clusters can also be varied. A cluster can be prodominately all latex - all monochromatic or of varying shades and hues to coordinate with the overall color scheme. Be aware that Pearlized and Metallic formats are also available. But don't be limited... Mix latex with mylars, latex with personalized latex, latex with personalized latex and mylars. Your creativity should be limited only by your imagination. Be expansive. Personalized latex are latex that are imprinted with various generic sayings: "Happy Anniversary", Happy Birthday", Over The Hill", "Congratulations" etc. However, if you do have ample time, be sure to consider having the latex product imprinted with your personal and specific greetings such as: "Great Job, Jennifer!", "Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad" or "Happy 30th Birthday, Chad!". Your personal touch will make your party truly special!

A welcoming and light-hearted environment can be created through the whimsical use of this media. Through the creative use of weights, you can locate your creations virtually anywhere. You can place emphasis to a special location or conversely hide it from view. Weights have come a long way from the old two-dimensional plastic shapes. They can now be purchased as foil-covered "kisses", foil party bags adorned with varied colored tinsel, party hats and on and on. Again, coordinate with your party theme. For a wedding, chose a weight that is shaped like a wedding cake, for a baby shower, you can attach the clusters to stuffed teddy bears and give them out as favors at the end of the party.

TRIPLE DUTY! Decorations for the party, party favors to the delighted guests, and no clean up involved! Your creativity will get you known in your circles as the "Party Maven"!

In order to dazzle, be sure to use a coordinated color palette. By doing so, you will create a unique energy and have a distinctive flavor running throughout the party. Before making any decisions, be sure to carefully consider the effect that you want to achieve. Don't do a hodge-podge of different things or your party will lack continuity and thoughtfulness.
Remember that if you're up in the air for additional party ideas -- think BALLOONS!!

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