Party Recipes

Party recipes are a necessity for any party. What is a party without food? Moreover, what is a party without the appropriate food?

Recipes and food and parties all go together. You can go from sample to complex within the same party venue. Many folks want to go with the "tried and true" and others prefer to be expansive and delve into the new. Food is usually easy to coordinate with your party thr=eme. For example, if you are having a Fiesta - think Mexican. Halloween - think creatively - jeoo in the shape of a brain, cookies that look like severed fingers. You get the idea. Many culinary magazines will give you a myriad of fantastic ideas. However, you must take the time to do your "homework".

Following is a listing of websites that feature recipes from different cultures and perspectives. We have not tried them all and cannot guarantee success with all of them. However, they give you a jumping off point for your culinary skills.

Simply Salads
Salad recipes, dressing recipes

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