Games and Activities

Games and activities are the focal point of any party or event. They can be used in many diverse ways and for many different reasons. Many times activities are used as "ice-breakers" to give guests a chance to mingle and get to know everyone at the event. It also gives guests an opportunity to get more comfortable with each other and the party surroundings. Occasionally, the activity can be the entire theme of the party. They can also take on many formats. Games can be played individually, with partners, in teams or in masse.

When planning activities be sure to take the physical site that you are having the event into consideration. You don’t want to be playing a rollicking game where everyone is chasing something in the living room in a home. The converse is also true. In most cases, you don’t want to be playing a pen and pencil game at a pool party in the summer. Things can (an most probably will) get quickly out of hand without the proper attention. What is is that they say in real estate…..? Location. Location. Location. Location is everything and the local which you chose to play a game can be overwhelmingly fun or a total disaster.

The following resources can start your creative juices flowing. Try to coordinate your games to the overall theme of the party.... Feel free to change things up a bit. If you see a game that revolves around fire trucks that you think is nifty and you are having a Nascar party, change up a few things and the game will most probably still be able to be used with a “new twist” to it. Think creatively and “outside the box”. Don’t give up just because a particular game has never been play that way before. Also feel free to change the rules a bit to fit your particular group. No time to play a game that goes 20 rounds. Cut it down to 5. If you thought it out properly, it can still be a lot of fun and most times no one will ever know the difference.


Murder Mystery Games
The uk's top website for all boxed murder mystery games, all with immediate delivery.

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Kids craft kits for children's craft parties and craft activities. A creative and fun birthday party idea. Kids love to create things. Kidz craft have an excellent choice of craft party kits.

Childrens Entertainers Hampshire
Children's party entertainer - kids parties, entertainment for school discos and childrens birthdays in sussex, surrey, hampshire and bournemouth, dorset

Free party games website, with many new variations to original games. Party-games-4- free. Com has been created to help with those little lulls, which can happen during any nights out, office party, charity fund raiser, in fact any occasion.

How To Make A Paper Boat
The origami boat is a fun craft for older grade school children to make for a number of themes including: columbus day. Learning about japan. Transportation. Oceans and bouyancy.


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