Beauty and Makeup

Beauty and makeup go together to make you the proverbial "Belle of the Ball" or “Master of the Castle”. When you look and feel your best, you radiate that feeling and confidence to others in your sphere. Beauty definitely starts on the inside of you. However, how you look on the outside helps you put your best foot forward as well.

Defining your best features and selecting the proper items to enhance your physical attractiveness is an essential beginning point.

Does your hair tend to be unruly at times (if not always) then you might want to consider the possibility of wearing a hair piece. This can be done with the use of a total head wig or just a small piece that will enhance the hair that you already have. A hair piece can add fullness and style. Think hair extensions as well.

Makeup is a whole entity onto itself. You need to know which of your physical features you want to enhance and which features you want to conceal. Do you have large eyes? Than the proper application of the “perfect” colors of mascara, eye shadow and eye liner may be your starting point. Not sure what your most outstanding feature is? There are many ways to decide: Ask a friend. Think about complements that you have received in the past. Analyze pictures of yourself in different situations that you have in your photo albums or scrapbooks. Look in the mirror.

After you have made your decision, get to work. Seek advice. There are many sources of help out there… There are numerous magazines and websites where you can seek advice. Don’t forget to utilize the services of your personal beautician. Many are also certified in cosmetology as well as hair and nails. Also make good use of the beauty consultants and cosmeticians at your local mall stores. Don’t stop with one inquiry. Gather as much information as you can (and free product samples) and then make an intelligent decision as to the direction you will head in. You need a road map with directions or you can “drive off the cliff” into shear oblivion. A little preparation in advance will make a huge difference in the final outcome.

With the following entries, we will give you a variety sources to refer to when considering your outward personal appearance. Use them as a stepping stone to achieve your desired metamorphous into the new beautiful or handsome you.

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