November Celebrations...

November Celebrations - Days 9 Through 16:

Parade Day
National Scrapple Day
GUINESS WORLD RECORD DAY A trivia party! Yes!! Base all of the trivia questions around themost recent world records and your guests' ability to recall them. Your food can also be an intregal party of the festivities. For example, "Who holds the record for eating the most hot dogs in a single sitting?" can be asked.
Berlin Wall Opened (1989)
U.S. Marine Corps Established (1775)

Sesame Street Premiere (1969)
National Vanilla Cupcake Day
Area Code Day
Marine Corps Birthday
Forget-Me-Not Day
National Heroes Day in Indonesia

Veteran's Day

NATIONAL SUNDAE DAY Sundaes! Yummy!! Reverse the party a bit this time. You provide just the space and have your guests provide the fixins' for fantastic sundaes. Ask some of your guests to bring the basic ice creams and others to bring the toppings - nuts, assorted nuts, crushed candies, sprinkles, whipped cream, fresh fruits, coconut and the list goes on and on. Definately not a party to be attended by those of your friends who are trying to curb their caloric intake. But what a fun November Celebration!!


Mayflower Compact Signed (1620)

National Indian Pudding Day
National Pizza With The Works (except anchovies) Day
First Balloon Crosses the Pacific (1981)
Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF KINDNESS This should not only be part of our November celebrations, it should be EVERYDAY. We should practice being kind to everyone, everyday. It's not so easy though. Take this day and spread kindness to everyone you come in contact with. No negative thoughts or words today. It's harder than you think. Have friends and neighbors over for a few snacks and set kindness guidelines -- Kindness towards everyone and no negative words against anyone even those not at the gathering. Practice and repetition can make an action into a habit after twenty days or so. Practice kindness and make the world a better place for everyone. Remember the old adage that goes something like this: You never really know a person until you have walked a mile in his shoes.
National Young Reader's Day
Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthday
The Movie "Fantasia" Released (1940)

MOM AND DAD'S DAY Be sure to call Mom and/or Dad today and let them know that you care about them. Catch up on the family activities of the past few weeks and start making those Holiday plans for November celebrations and beyond. No excuses here! With the advent of cell phones, you have absolutely no reason not to call. Busy? Combine the call with the long train trip home from work - it will make the time fly by. Try calling while you are in the midst of a regular household task - like dusting. Your folks will love the call and more importantly... LOVE YOU for making it. What a nice PERSONAL November Celebration!

The First Streetcar Went Into Operation (1832)
National Guacamole Day
National Pickle Day
LOOSEN UP, LIGHTEN UP DAY Many of us are so stressed out these days over work, family and general daily oblgations, we genuinely are in need of loosening and lightening up. Well, guys!! TODAY is the day. Meet with some close "buds" and just relax. Take a walk, go have a picnic in the park, kick back andn do whatever it is that relaxes you! We all need to take some time to ourselves and recharge our physical and mental batteries. Relaxation will make us more productive afterwards and nicer to be around.
Claude Monet's Birthday
Children's Day in India
Yale University Goes Co-Ed (1968)
American Teddy Bear Day

America Recycles Day
National Raisin Bran Cereal Day
I Love To Write Day
Pack Your Mom Lunch Day
National Spicy Hermit Crab Day
National Bundt (pan) Day

CLEAN YOUR REFRIGERATOR DAY It's that time again...Time to attack all of the things that you have forgotten about in the fridge for the past several months. Here it is a few weeks after Halloween, and there are still some real spooky looking things lurking in the back. What's that little fuzzy green thing in the corner? Yipes, we think it moved!! We don't advise having your family, friends, or neighbors over for this celebration. You need to go it alone. It's just an intimate One-on-one with your refrigerator. Put on some bouncy music to make the time go by quicker and "Dive In". The quicker you get started, the quicker you'll get done. If you're thinking, "What happened to November Celebrations?", just remember, you will be so proud of yourself after tackling this job that you will want to have someone over to celebrate with you. What a perfect time to get this chore done. The Holidays are just around the corner and you will be starting clean and fresh!


HAVE A PARTY WITH YOUR BEAR DAY Who doesn't just adore Teddy bears? They are so soft and cuddly and cute! They come in all sizes and in all sorts of outfits. There is a bear to fit everyone's fancy. Invite a few bear loving friends over with their favorite plush (bears, or course). Line them up and reminise when each came into your lives and the circumstances. Have a few laughs and be prepared to shed a couple of tears. Not in the mood to party with friends today? Have a private party with Mr. Bear and tell him what is on your mind. A few hugs and you will be feeling refreshed and more in the mood to conquer the world! Teddy bears can almost perform miracles when it comes to listening.


NATIONAL FAST FOOD DAY What a better way to celebrate this special November Celebration than at a fast food establishment. There are so many these days to choose from. Join a few friends and enjoy their company whlie munching down your favorite fast food cuisine. Easy, fun and affordable.
Button Day

Yipes! Another eight days have passed and we have a great base of unique reasons to party for the month of November. Let's keep going and see what the next eight days have in store for us. Click here to go to November Celebrations: Days 17 Through 24 and prepare to have some more fun.

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