January Celebrations...

January Celebrations - Days 9 Through 16:



National Apricot Day
Richard Nixon's Birthday

Oil Discovered in Texas (1901)
National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
Bittersweet Chocolate Day
Positivvely Penguins Day
United Nations Day

Peculiar People January Celebration PECULIAR PEOPLE DAY Differences in people are celebrated today as a January Celebration. We have all been endowed with certain unique abilities and areas that are not a particular source of strength. Today, as always, you should try to look for the positive in your peculiar acquaintances. While your acquaintances may appear to be guirky; we all tend to be in some respect. Appreciate the differences in others. These differences make the world the creative place that it is! Have a party today which emphasizes everyones differences. Have everyone share with the group something that makes them totally unique and special.
BARBED WIRE PATENT ISSUED A day for a January Celebration? Yes, Indeedy. Joseph F. Glidden of DeKalb, IL was inspired at a County Fair by a demo of a wonder rail with sharp nails coming out of it's sides, hanging inside a smooth wirefence. The advent of Glidden'ts success set off a frenzy that eventually saw over 570 barded wire patents (and three years of patent infringement court battles). Mr. Glidden is known as the "Father of Barbed Wire". Perhaps a party focused around a farm theme would be appropriate here.
Music that could be included are favorites like "Don't Fence Me In".
National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

International Thank You Day
Tattoo Appreciation Day
Milk Day
Hot Toddy Day
Stephen Foster Day
John Hancock's Birthday
National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

NATIONAL MARZIPAN DAY National Marzipan Day is a wonderful January Celebration. Marzipan in the past served as a crowning event at a meal served at a Sultan's table. This delicate desert of almonds and sugar can nowadays be enjoyed by anyone. You can use Marzipan today as a treat at the end of your party or make it the focal point and create the party around it. The candy dough itself is easily colored and molded to create edible pieces of art to be enjoyed by everyone. At a later date, we will address recipes to create unique pieces to blend with several party themes.
Have fun and indulge yourself with a box of this wonderful treat and share it with your friends.

Curried Chicken Day
"Batman" Debuts On Television (1966)
National Clean Off Your Desk Day
Organize Your Home Day
NATIONAL PHARMACIST DAY These professionals, pharmacists, are often overlooked and their services taken for granted. However, they are responsible for keeping us and our families healthy. Make sure that you thank your personal pharmacist today for his or her dedicated work on your behalf.Let them know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. If you are having a January celebration today, have it revolve around a medical theme. Make sure that you provide healthy snacks and foods.

Rubber Duckie's January Celebration RUBBER DUCKIE'S BIRTHDAY This party will be "Just Ducky!" for a January Celebration. Let's get the water running in the bathtub for this celebration! Have your friends bring over "Little Rubber Duckie" friends for your rubber duckie... It is truly amazing how many cute duckies there are. There are angel duckies and devil duckies. One company even makes clothing for little rubber duckies. After signing Happy Birthday, you can all sing "Rubber Ducky, You're the One. You Make Bathtime Lots of Fun...." and call it a night!
Check these cute little guys out!!
National Peach Melba Day
Make Your Dream Come True Day
Accordion Patented

National Dress Up Your Pet Day
National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
The "Simpsons" Debut On Television (1990)

Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
Strawberry Ice Cream Day
Humanitarian Day
Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" Premiered
"Happy Days" Premieres On Television (1974)
Hats for January Celebration HAT DAY Today your hat is not just to keep your head warm (which it does do quite effectively). Today your January celebration is a grand opportunity to make a splashy statement and to display your favorite head gear. Let your true personality out! Create multiple personalities today. Change your hat several times during the course of the day. Have a few fun loving friends over for snacks this evening and compare your hats. Tell why you enjoy wearing a certain hat. Is there a story behind it? Have a contest or two for the funniest hat, the most creative, etc.
How about the "craziest" golfing hat??

NATIONAL FIG NEWTON DAY What is a January Celebration without National Fig Newton Day? Do you realize that the terminology, "Fig Newton" is indeed a trademark and falls under copyright laws? It's a soft cookie filled with fig jam which was originally created by Charles M. Roser who was born in Ohio and was a cookie maker. However, later the Kennedy Biscuit Company, a Massachusetts based bakery bought out the recipe. They subsequently named it the "Newton". This name because the Kennedy Biscuit Company had a tradition of naming crackers and cookies after the towns that surrounded Boston. After the fig jam received good reviews from consumers, the name was changed to "Fig Newton". The Kennedy Biscuit Company later became Nabisco and the Fig Newton continues to be manufactured under the same name. At this time, Nabisco produces several different varieties of the "Newton" including Cherries N" Cheesecake, Caramel Apple and others.
What a great day to celebrate "Fig Newtons" and their tasty successors. Have a number of friends over and devour several varieties of the original. While doing so you can relive the popular advertising campaign of the 1970's that featured a commercial that had a performer dressed like a fig (perhaps, all of your guests can actively participate) that would sing the Fig Newton song:

"Chewy, oo-ee, rich and gooey inside.
Golden, flaky, tender cakey outside.
Wrap the inside in the outside - Is it good? Darn Tootin'!
Do the big Fig Newton.
Oh, you can't do the Newton if a Newton it's not.
But if it's by Nabisco, a Fig Newton's what you've got.
Do the big FIG NEWTON - here's the tricky part --
The BIG FIG NEWTON - One more time --

At the conclusion of the song, the actor struck a "Fig Newton" pose, leaning forward balancing on his left foot, with arms spread and right leg raised behind him. What fun trying to emulate that commerical!
To continue with the fun, see if anyone can remember any programs that discussed the Fig Newton. For example, in the 2006's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Ricky puts a giant sticker of a Fig Newton on his beloved race cars windshield. He later is quoted as saying, "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons".
The Fig Newton is also mentioned in an episode of The Simpsons. Can anyone remember (Hint: It in an episode entitled, "Mother Simpson").

Put your delicious cookies in a unique container and have fun with this yummy day!!
NATIONAL NOTHING DAY In 1973, a newspaper man was so fed up with all the "APPRECIATION DAYS" that this day was created "to provide Americans with one National Day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything". Need we say more about this January Celebration?
International Hot and Spicy Food Day
Appreciate A Dragon Day
Religious Freedom Day

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