January Celebrations...

January Celebrations - Days 17 Through 24:

Benjamin Franklin's Birthday
Hot-Buttered Rum Day
Kid Inventors' Day
Pig Day
Customer Service Day

WINNIE THE POOH DAY In 1882, A.A. Milne was born. Little did anyone know that Winnie The Pooh would be created by this future author. Pooh Bear and all of his friends were soon to make their debut. Celebrate this special day with a bear party that features Teddy Bear crafts, or pehaps reading and discussing some Pooh books. A toast with honey as a snack would definately be appropriate today.
Peking Duck Day
THESAURUS DAY How quickly we forget! Thesaurus, WHAT'S THAT?? Remember? A Thesaurus is a reference book that has been used by people for hundreds of years. It lists words that have the same meaning as well as opposites. It really is a great help when writing so that you don't repeat the same word over and over again. Take some time today and you and your acquaintances can look through a Thesaurus and find some unusual words for ones that we use every day. A very enlightening experience to be sure. Today actually celebrates the birthday of the author of Roget's Thesaurus. He, Peter Roget, was born this day in 1779.
Daniel Webster's Birthday
World Religion Day

Box of Popcorn for a special January Celebration Popcorn is associated with ball games, movies, fairs, and circuses. These are favorite pastimes of the United States population. Have a January Celebration today and make sure that you have bowls and bowls of this favorite treat all around. You can have the standard topping of butter and salt or be creative with different toppings. Try carmel corn, cheddar cheese, and the like for a creative flair. Don't forget the "corny jokes" today as well. Jokes like: "What did the young popcorn kernel brag about to the other young kernels?" "Betcha my Pop's bigger than yours!"
Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday
Stay Young Forever Day


Penguins for January Celebrations

PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY Penguins are actually birds that do not fly. They are superbly adapted to an aquatic life. Their "wings" are useless for flight but become flippers which are quite agile in the water. Most of us are familiar with the tuxedo look of these beautiful creatures and their characteristic "waddle". We can have a January Celebration with a reason to party around penguins today. Don't forget the Penguin Movies: "Happy Feet" and "March of the Penguins" to set the tone for the party. Don't forget to invite some famous penguins while you are at it: "Chilly Willy" the cartoon penguin best identified with The Woody Woodpecker Show. "Tennessee Tuxedo" an animated cartoon showing on CBS in the early 1960's. "The Penguin" the infamous villain in Batman. We are sure that you can come up with many more before the party.
National Buttercrunch Day
Camcorder Day
National Disc Jockey Day
Rid The World Of Fad Diets And Gimmicks Day
Clear Off Your Desk Day
Cheese Day
Basketball Day

National Hugging Day
New England Clam Chowder Day
National Disc Jockey Day
Squirrels for January Celebratons SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY We don't know who came up with the nutty idea for a Squirrel Appreciation Day as a January celebration. However, it is a worthy day to celebrate and party. Sure these animals spend all of fall squirreling away food for the winter but it may not be enough and may be limited in variety. Give our little friends an extra special treat to supplement their diet today (and throughout the long winter months). Have friends over early in the day if possible and watch the antics of these cute little guys. They are natural acrobats and so much fun. Perhaps a circus theme would be appropriate here since they are such clowns.
Granola Bar Day

NATIONAL BLONDE BROWNIE DAY Did someone say BROWNIES?? We just LOVE brownies!! You know what a brownie is but don't know what a "blonde" brownie is? Traditional brownies are brown in color. That because of the chocolate content. A blonde brownie on the other hand has light brown sugar instead of the chocolate. Thus, the lighter color and voila! - A BLONDE BROWNIE! Enjoy your blonde brownies today with your friends. See if they know what a blonde brownie is. Amaze them with your knowledge on the subject. Bake them or buy them, but have a few extra blonde brownies on hand today for this tasty January Celebration.
Celebration Of Life Day
Women's Healthy Weight Day

Measure Your Feet Day
National Rhubarb Pie Day
National Speak Up and Succeed Day
National Pie Day
HANDWRITING DAY Be a part of this January Celebration by taking the time today to write a letter or a long overdue note to someone. In fact, make it a fun event by having a few people over and each of you write a note to someone. That will make the undertaking more fun. Be expansive and trade stationary with someone at your table. But above all...USE YOUR VERY BEST HANDWRITING!

National School Nurse's Day
National Peanut Butter Day
Belly Laugh Day
BEER CAN APPRECIATION DAY Okay, laugh if you must at this unique January Celebration. However, Beer can collectors do appreciate their collection and that of other collectors. They do in fact appreciate the lowly beer can and all that it stands for. A collector of beer cans can accumulate hundreds of different cans from different brewries in different countries. (Where is that Thesauras when we need it? - See January Celebrations on Day 18 of this month.) Throw a January Celebration today for your beer can lovers. Have them bring unique cans from diverse companies and countries. Have a tasting with some pretzels to empty the cans (we mustn't be wasteful by throwing it out) and exchange them. Everyone will go home happy!
COMPLIMENT DAY Spend today paying extra attention to complementing people you meet. Everyone needs to be uplifted from time to time. Remember that everyone has an attribute that can be positively commented upon. Be sincere. Insincere compliments can do more harm that good. Your positive comments will be appreciate. Don't just save them for today. Spread the goodwill throughout the year.
ESKIMO PIE PATENTED In 1922, Christian Kent Nelson of Iowa patented the Eskimo Pie. It was originally called the "I Scream Bar" and later changed. We were really disappointed that Mr.Nelson was not an Eskimo. All of these years and we have been deceived and unenlightened. Oh, well...Celebrate the day and the wonderful product that Mr. Nelson developed for us!

Wow! Another eight days have gone by and we still have more reasons to party. Let's keep on trucking and look at days 25 through 31...

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