January Celebrations...

January Celebrations: Days 25-31:

OPPOSITE DAY This is a fictious holiday. You are to do the opposite or say the opposite of that which is real. Although this is not a real holiday -- that never stopped us. Party on and have everyone do and say the opposite. The first one to divert from this pattern is the winner and gets a prize for the evening. Wow, be careful. It is very easy to get confused and mess up. Have fun...
National Irish Coffee Day
Macintosh Computer Day
A Room Of One's Own Day
The First Winter Olympic Games began in Chamonix, France (1924)
The First Emmy Awards Were Presented (1949)

Dalmatians January Celebrations

DISNEY'S "101 DALMATIANS" PREMIERED What a great family movie! Have friends and neighbors come over and bring their "little ones" to an entertaining early evening of viewing this DVD. Parents and children will both enjoy the cute antics of these loveable canines. If your event is early enough, have games and crafts for the children to participate in afterwards. Have a ton of fun with this January Celebration! Woof!

Spouse's Day
National Pistachio Day
Fun At Work Day
Lotus 1-2-3 Day
Better Business Communication Day
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day


The Dental Drill Patented (1875)
Australia Day
National Peanut Brittle Day

United States Inventor, Thomas Edison, Patents Electric Lamp (1879)
Thomas Crapper day
National Speak Up And Succeed Day
Punch The Clock Day
Cakes for January Celebrations NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY CHOCOLATE CAKE!! YUMMY! What a wonderfully delicious reason to have a January Celebration today! Invite your chocolate loving friends over today and have them bring a cake to share. CHOCOLATE, of course. Trade recipes. Be creative, when making your cakes, try milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge or a fantastic combination of several. Have a chocolate cake baking contest and see which cake takes the prize.


Cakes for January Celebrations

ERNIE'S BIRTHDAY Bert is carefully organizing a surprise party for his best buddy, his roommate, his best pal -- ERNIE. You can have a January Celebration today for Ernie too! To help you out, here are a few facts about Ernie. His favorite song it "Rubber Duckie". He enjoys playing tricks on Bert as well as eating his pizza and likes taking baths with Rubber Duckie. HAVE FUN!!
NATIONAL KAZOO DAY The Kazoo is perhaps one of the most lowly of instruments on the instrument approval scale. So promote Kazoos today! Have a January Celebration with a kazoo band conert. Have a party and hand one out to every partygoer. Keep America and the World "kazooing"!
Daisy Day
Data Privacy Day
National Blueberry Pancake Day

NATIONAL PUZZLE DAY Take the time today and solve a puzzle that may have been perplexing you. While you're at it...This evening throw a Murder Mystery Party for your friends, family and neighbors. What fun. Solve the mystery. It may not be as simple or obvious as you think.
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Free Thinkers Day
Common Sense Day


National Corn Chip Day
Baseball's American League Founded (1900)

National Croissant Day
Inane Answering Message Day
Lone Ranger Debuted

Backwards Day
Brandy Alexander Day
National Seed Swap Day
Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
JACKIE ROBINSON'S BIRTHDAY Mr. Robinson, a true baseball legend, was born in 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. What a wonderful January day to celebrate Jackie's birthday and have a baseball event at the end of January as well. Have this birthday party revolve around the theme of Baseball and you and your guests will not be disappointed. The party will be a "GRAND SLAM"!

Yeh.. We made it through the end of January Celebrations! We sure did get a significant number of fun reasons to party. Be sure to take advantage of at least one of these days.

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