February Celebrations...

Robinson Crusoe Day
Women's Heart Health Day
Serpent Day
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially came into existence this day in 1920
Bottle Cap was patented
National Baked Alaska Day
NATIONAL FREEDOM DAY The purpose of this February Celebration day is to promote harmony, good feelings and equal opportunity. President Harry Truman signed the Bill in 1948 declaring "National Freedom Day" and making it official. Celebrate your freedom and appreciate the people who worked hard for it.
Bubble Gum Day

Ground Hog Day
Heavenly Hash Day
Self Renewal Day
Wear Red Day

03: Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper Die in Plane Crash (1959)
National Carrot Cake Day
ELMO'S BIRTHDAY We all recognize Elmo as the furry red monster Muppet with big eyes on Sesame Street. Elmo was described himself as three and a half years old. Listen carefully, he characteristically refers to himself in the third person. For example, "Elmo wants a cookie." or "Elmo has a question." Elmo indeed is popular. In fact, in 1996 his "Tickle Me Elmo" doll was one of the most sought after Christmas gifts for children (and some adults alike). Have a birthday party today for Elmo and encourage your friends to come in character. What fun Let yourself go and spend the evening behaving as Muppets would - carefree and loving. Revolve the party around Elmo trivia. See how many shows you can name that Elmo has appeared on. A couple of these are the "West Wing" and "The Rosie O'Donnell Show". What is the name of Elmo's pet goldfish? (Dorothy) The list of trivia for this character is quite long because of his popularity. Have fun with this February Celebration.

Gund Elmo

National Carrot Day
Wedding Ring Day


GUMBY'S BIRTHDAY It's not a long stretch to have a February celebration for this birth date! Pokey is sure to be along side his true buddy. Celebrate the birthday of this little green slab of clay -- Gumby. Perhaps at this party, you can provide the partygoers with clay or Play Doh. Let them create a new character. Have everyone vote on the best, and award a prize. Fun, Fun, Fun! Yeah, Gumby!

Gumby And Pokey 2 Piece Bendable Set

Homemade Soup Day
Create A Vacuum Day
Charles Lindberg's Birthday(1902)
Rosa Park's Birthday (1913)
Western Monarch Day

National Stuffed Mushroom Day
First Snicker's Candy Bar Sold
THANK A MAILMAN DAY Today's the day to recognize someone who is daily providing a necessary service for you...Your MAIL CARRIER!! Through rain, hail, sleet and snow he or she makes sure that your mail and packages are delivered. Most of us don't realize how the mail carrier can effect our daily lives...he delivers our bills (UGH!) that must get paid but he also delivers us messages of joy: Valentine's Day cards, birthday greetings and Christmas cards by the dozens! Don't forget the wonderful parcels of gifts that we receive from the postal service too! They are also delivered by the trusty mail person. Take a moment for today's February Celebration to appreciate and recognize your mail carrier. Our Postal Carrier's name is Larry and he always does his job cheerfully and with pride. THANKS, LARRY!!

National Weatherman's Day
National Stuffed Mushroom Day
Hank Aaron's Birthday

Lame Duck Day
Monopoly Board Game goes on sale in stores in 1935

February Celebrations Flag


National Chocolate Fondue Day
Pay A Compliment Day
Bib for February Celebrations PRINCESS JAZMYN TERESE's BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE ONE!! Tomorrow's Baby Countdown is over... Little Jazmyn made her debut a day early. Congratulations go out to the happy and proud new Mommy and Daddy!

Babe Ruth's Birthday
Ronald Reagan's Birthday
National Frozen Yogurt Day

Charles Dicken's Birthday
Food Checkout Day

Woman for February  Celebrations

BABY COUNTDOWN We are all on diaper pins and needles... Judy and Jaime's baby is due on the 7th of February! Will it be a punctual child and make its' debut today? Only time will tell... Wow, the anticipation is really getting to Grandma Anne Rose and Grandpa Jerry not to mention how anxious Great Grandma Ann is feeling. That is only half of it... Aunt Becky and Uncle Brian are already starting to pace the floor. Cousin Brent is the only calm one in the family. He is busy polishing up all of his toys and making sure that they all work so that he can play with his new playmate. There are so many other family members awaiting word too. We'll keep all of you posted on the progress of this joyous event! What a Wonderful and Blessed February Celebration we will have!
National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday
Send A Card To A Friend Day

Boy Scouts Day
National Fettucini Alfredo Day
Leadership Success Day
Jules Verne's Birthday
First Police Dog Used
Kite Flying Day

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