January Celebrations...

New Year's Day
BETSY ROSS'S BIRTHDAY Elizabeth Griscom Ross (1752-1836) has been credited with sewing the first flag for the United States of America. The account of the creation of the first flag was first brought to our attention in 1870 by one of her grandchildren at a meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. This took place 94 years after the event was to have taken place! On June 14, 1777, the United States Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official national flag of the United States. Today would be a great day to have a party with a Patriotic Theme to it to celebrate the United States and its flag
Bloody Mary Day
Apple Gifting Day
Z Day

Sci Fi January Celebrations NATIONAL SCIENCE FICTION DAY It has been suggested that Issac Asimov was born this date in 1920. However, it is not official. Isaac during his lifetime received many awards and symbols of distinction. However, many feel that to have National Science Fiction Day commemerated on his birthday was the best that he had received. After all he wrote between 400 and 500 works. Some of these were fact, fiction, religion and everything in between. However, envisioning the future seemed to stimulate his imagination more than science. He was able to envision images of space and robots that were quite realistic. Needless to say, today's January Celebration would be a great day to host a Science Fiction themed party. Costumes would truly add to the aura and excitement. Movies with a science fiction theme would be great to watch. You could be specific on your focus or ecclectic and let everyones creativity be set free.
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Happy "MEW" Year For Cats Day
National Personal Trainer Day

55 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit Day
NATIONAL CREAM PUFF DAY A Cream Puff is defined by the dictionary as "a shell of light pastry filled with whipped cream, custard, or ice cream". Wow, the defination itself sounds delicious. What a great January celebration we can have with our friends and a myriad of different cream puffs as the focal point of the party! YUM!
BOO BOO BEAR'S BIRTHDAY Just about everyone knows Yogi Bear of Jellystone Park and his "Little Bear Buddy" - "BOO BOO"! Don't forget to invite Ranger Smith, their friendly nemesis. Work around a Camping Theme so that Boo Boo will feel right at home on his special day. Provide some DVD's and/or VHS's with releases of "The Yogi Bear Show".

Flagpole January Celebrations

RUN IT UP THE FLAGPOLE AND SEE IF ANYONE SALUTES DAY This is a commmonly used expression in print media and advertising. It means to try an idea to see what people think, or if they notice. Today is set aside to let folks to do just that. Use this day to try and test novel ideas and concepts. Try a new twist on an old party theme. Don't limit yourself. Try a new hair style or perhaps a new outfit. Have fun and "Run it Up the Flagpole"!
FESTIVAL OF SLEEP DAY What a great holiday right after the weeks of holidays that have just passed. We are sure that everyone is exhausted even if we did have a lot of fun. This is definately a fine day to hibernate and re-charge our batteries for the days ahead. Maybe today would be a fine day for a sleep over with a few friends! Fun yet relaxing!
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January Celebration Straw

DRINKING STRAW DAY In the late 1880's Marvin Stone, a paper cigarette holder manufacturer in Washington, D.C. patented the drinking straw. It is said that he was frustrated after having to drink his beloved "Mint Juleps" warm because he could not finish them in a timely fashion. Thus, he experimented by winding strips of paper around a pencil and eventually settled on manila paper coated with paraffin for the final product. Serve Mint Julep's at today's January Celebration and be sure that everyone gets a straw so as to enjoy it all chilled to the very last slurp.
FRUITCAKE TOSS DAY This is your big chance today, folks, to round out your January Celebrations and throw out the Holiday fruitcake or fruitcakes as the case may be and have a legitimate reason for doing so. There is no special way of doing this, but it would be a great day to have some friends over and have a friendly competition as to who can throw the fruitcake the farthest. However, be careful! Some fruitcakes can be a bit "weighty" and someone standing in the direct path of one being tossed could get injured. Personally, we do not see why anyone would want to throw out a perfectly good fruitcake. If the cake starts to get a bit "dry" just start periodically adding a bit of flavored brandy to the top and covering with a piece of muslin and replace the cover to the tin. These will help the keep the fruitcake for a much longer time and give it a little bit of a flavorful "punch".
National Write To Congress Day
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day


Flower Basket Day
Dimpled Chad Day
World Braille Day
Pop Music Chart Day
World Hypnotism Day
NATIONAL SPAGHETTI DAY Easy!! A fantastic January Celebration Day! Good friends, fine Italian food, a good bottle of wine and an evening of fun! What more could anyone ask for?


Tom Thumb's Birthday
Tennis Day
TRIVIA DAY What a wonderful day for another January Celebration! A great day to host a party for a myriad of friends. With the abundance of Trivia Games out there, everyone can have some topic of trivia that they can excel in for a January Celebration. You can even dazzle your friends today with the knowledge that you have about "REASONS TO PARTY" everyday of the year!! Be sure to check our our other game related Unique Finds .

National Whipped Cream Day
The World's First Top Hat Was Worn in Britain (1797)
GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER'S BIRTHDAY Mr. Carver was born this date in 1864 near Diamond Grove, Missouri. He developed over 300 uses for peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes and pecans. However, only three patents were ever issued to him directly. Have today's January Celebration party menu revolve around these wonderful foods and enjoy!

Parrot January Celebration s

BIRD DAY Today is a fine day to have a January Celebration to take time to appreciate our indoor flying friends. Think of ways to make him happy. Start with a supplement to his already healthy diet, a clean large enclosure, provide a variety of toys, and be sure to provide plenty of socialization opportunities. SOCIALIZATION OPPORTUNITIES?? For socialization opportunties invite some friends over. Make sure that they know that their feathered friends are invited also. Include friends that may not have birds but love them just the same. Whatever, you serve today, make sure that it is not FOWL. Your feathered friends may not take too well to relatives on the menu. AND, don't forget your outdoor friends as well and provide them with a special treat today to supplement their regular "feeder" diet.

BEAN DAY A special day today for no special reason except for honoring the bean. Have a January Celebration today that provides emphasis on different varieties of beans and on different recipes utilizing beans. If you are an avid gardener you can go through your seed catalogs or the internet and find some unique varieties to plant in your garden in a few weeks. How about reading "Jack and the Beanstalk" to your children today? Enjoy your day! and be sure to visit:
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CUDDLE UP DAY Find someone or a pet to cuddle up with today. However, don't let your imagination stop there. Cuddle up with a good book or perhaps a favorite stuffed animal. Cuddle up on a cozy chair with a warm cup of flavored coffee or tea in front of a crackling fireplace. Cuddling, as a January Celebration, is a fantastic way to spend an evening.


National Shortbread Day
George and Martha Washington marry

OLD ROCK DAY Just how did January 7th become "Old Rock Day"? We searched and searched under every rock and could not find out how it came to be. We suppose some things are just what they are and nothing more. But on a positive note...Throw a Party!! Remember "A rolling stone gathers no moss". Have a few snacks and bring out the "Rolling Rock" beer.
National Tempura Day
I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day
Harlem Globetrotter's Day
Panama Canal Day
PREMIERE OF THE 1ST FLASH GORDON FILM TAKES PLACE (1934) A January Celebration would not be complete without a Science Fiction or Outer Space party. What a better day to have one than today! Beware, three earthlings visit the planet, Mongo to thwart the evil schemes of Emperor Ming, The Merciless. Will Dr. Zarkov be able to save the day?

National English Toffee Day
Organize Your Home Day
"Show and Tell" Day at Work
Women's Day
ELVIS PRESLEY'S BIRTHDAY This is a notable date for a January Celebration. January Celebraton for Elvis This date in 1935 was significant as the birth date of Elvis Aaron Presley, born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in Tupelo Mississippi. Much can be said about the man and his accomplishments in his short life. His good looks, talent, charisma and humor endeared him to many people. Known to the world by only his first name, Elvis, he is regarded as one of the most significant figures in 20th century pop culture. A party revolving around Elvis' records and movies would be easy to plan. He has many of both to choose from. A Rock and Roll theme could be your base here and you can build onto it from Elvis' collections.
National Clean Off Your Desk Day
Organize Your Home Day
BUBBLE BATH DAY After all of the holiday party going, cookie baking and entertaining, this is a most welcomed January Celebration!! We all need to relax after a trying day at work or even after a day at home with the kids. A luxurious bubble bah is a sure fire way to recharge your batteries. Make sure you don't forget the candles and soft music in the background. Close our eyes and relax amid a bevy of beautiful fragrant bubbles. Your batteries will be rejuvenated and you will have "the zip of Zorro" for a number of days to come. Go ahead, start the warm water... and indulge yourself.

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