February Celebrations...

February Celebrations - Days 17 Through 24:

National Indian Pudding Day
National PTA Founders Day
World Human Spirit Day
Champion Crab Races Day
St. Patrick's Day
Random Acts Of Kindness Day
Championship Crab Races Day
First Canned Sardine's Packaged

NATIONAL BATTERY DAY We are totally confident that you will get all charged up about this electrifying February Celebration Day! What would we do without them? Our lives would surely be much different. Be sure to recognize the importance of batteries today and appreciate all of their unique differences - sizes, shapes, and power capacities.
Drink Wine Day
PLANET OF PLUTO DISCOVERED 1930 is the year that this planet was discovered. Initially classifed as a regular planet, it is currently classified as a dwarf planet. Pluto was named for the Roman god of the underworld. Do you realize that each day on this planet is equivalent to 6.39 Earth days. WOW! Can you imagine a February Celebration encompassing a Pluto day? Instead of being a few hours long, it would last days! That's our kind of party!
National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day

"Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" Debuted
National Chocolate Mint Day
Crackerjack Started Putting Prizes Into The Box (1913)

National Cherry Pie Day
John Glenn Orbited The Earth
Toothpick Patented
LOVE YOUR PET DAY We can't believe that you need a special day for loving your pet!! Our pets love us unconditionally. They provide so much joy and happiness in our lives that we should always give them some back on a routine basis. However, we can make today an EXTRA SPECIAL February Celebration day for our non-human family members. Prepare a special meal for your pet today and spend some extra time playing. The most important thing is to give your pet an EXTRA BIG HUG! If someone you know doesn't have a pet of their own, drop over with yours and let them share in the joy for a few minutes. Be considerate. If you have a Great Dane as a pet; don't visit a friend in a small apartment. Rather, call them up and the three of you can take a walk together. Great fun and exercise for everyone! Also don't forget special treats for your pet today.

National Sticky Bun Day
Polariod "Land" Camera was first introduced this date in 1957 by Edwin Land

First US Brain Operation
Card Reading Day

George Washington's Birthday
National Chili Day
National Margarita Day
Be Humble Day
Pebble Flintsone's Birthday
Walking The Dog Day
INTERNATIONAL WORLD THINKING DAY This is a special day in the lives of Girl Scouts. It is on this day that they are to devote some time contemplating their global membership. This is achieved through participation in games, activities and projects with global themes. What a great day to have some Scouts over!

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
The First "Five Cent Store" Is Opened By Frank Woolworth (1879)
The Tootsie Roll Is First Sold
Banana Bread Day
Tennis Day

National Tortilla Chip Day
First Multi-Stage Rocket Fired

Fantastic! Those last eight days gave us a bundle of unique days to celebrate. Let's see what Days 25 through 29 have in store for us.

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