February Celebrations...

QUIET DAY What a great opportunity to renew and recharge from our busy lives! Take time to silently reflect and meditate. No party today! Winning would certainly help you to "mellow out"!
National Clam Chowder Day
National Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day
Paper Currency was introduced in the US this date in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln
First US Electric Printing Press was patented this date in 1837 by Thomas Davenport

Carnival Day
Levi Strauss' Birthday
National Pistachio Day
Tell A Fairy Tale Day

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POLAR BEAR DAY What a wonderful day to celebrate these magnificent animals while creating awareness about them. A party revolving around a zoo theme would work here. Don't forget to give everyone a "Big Bear Hug" today.
Check out these "cute as a button" coasters!! They would be a fantastic addition to your party decor for today's February Celebration...
Strawberries, Sweet Strawberries for February Celebrations!! National Strawberry Day What a wonderful day to have a February Celebration around the sweet, sweet, strawberry. There are so many different ways to serve this delightful fruit to your family and friends. From strawberry waffles to strawberry shortcake - what could be more delightful?
What would be more delightful than growing your own fresh strawberries on your window sill??
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Birthday
No Brainer Day


SPECIAL ENDS February 28, 2013....


The Salem Witch Hunts Begin (1692)
National Chocolate Souffle Day
Inconvenience Yourself Day
The Final Eqisode of "M.A.S.H." is aired (1983)
Smokey Bear's Birthday
Public Sleeping Day
Floral Design Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

Leap Day (Once Every Four Years)
National Surf & Turf Day
Yellowstone became the world's first National Park this day in 1872

Wow! February is the shortest month of the year and is loaded with so many clever reasons to party. We are sure that you were able to find one. (Valentine's Day doesn't count!)

Let's March into the next month and see what fun day we can create a party around.

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