April Celebrations...

April Celebrations - Days 9 Through 16:

Listening Day
National Cherish An Antique Day
National Chicken Little Awareness Day
NAME YOURSELF DAY Provide nametags for everyone and have them identify themselves with their NEW NAME. Sometime during the course of the party, ask everyone why they would change their name and why they chose the name that they did for the evening. You may be surprised at some of the answers that you get! Keep on your toes, you may even see some hidden personalities emerge during the party!
Winston Churchill Day
Kid Inventor's Day
First Public Library Opened
National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

Encourage A Young Writer Day
Safety Pin Patented (1849)
Golfer's Day
National Cinnamon Crescent Day
National Sibling's Day

Jackie Robinson Day
Poetry And The Creative Mind Day
Dandelion Day
Write Your Memoir's Day
Eight Track Tape Day
Barbershop Quartet Day
National Cheese Fondue Day

Get the Best in British Entertainment

Big Wind Day
Stupid Pet Trick's Day
National Tap Dance Party Day
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
National Licorice Day

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
International Plant Appreciation Day
Russian Cosmonaut Day
Cat Fight Day
National Peach Cobbler Day

National Go Fishing Day
Pan American Day
Moment of Laughter Day
National Pecan Day
Reach As High As You Can Day

Art History Day
Husband Appreciation Day
FIRST McDONALD'S RESTAURANT OPENED (1955) Easy, Easy, Easy...This is an easy April celebration to plan without a lot of deep thought. If it's a lunchtime party you crave, order out for lunch at the office. What to order? McDonald's, of course! In the evening, you can have someone take orders and go out for the food and bring it back. Have a trivia game going throughout the evening. Ask questions like, "Where was the first McDonald's built? Does anyone remember a unique food offering that was available for only a limited period of time?" etc. Click Here! for some wonderful restaurant recipes. You won't be disappointed.
Rubber Eraser Day
National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday

Guitar Picker's Day
Silent Movie Star's Day
Day of the Mushroom
National Eggs Benedict Day

Sixteen days of April are gone and we have even paid our Income Taxes on the 15th! Now it is definately time to party. Let's take a look at Days 17 Through 24...

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