April Celebrations...

April Celebrations - Days 17 Through 24:

DAFFY DUCK'S BIRTHDAY One of the most popular Warner Bros. cartoon characters is celebrates a birthday today. Daffy has adapted to whatever style that a time period called for since the 1930's. Celebrate this day with Daffy Duck cartoons and perhaps "daffy" recipes.
A great idea would be to have everyone work on a "Daffy" jigsaw puzzle during the course of the event! Ellis Island Family History Day
Ford Mustang Day
National Stress Awareness Day
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day Such a relaxing day! Wear your PJ's to work, GREAT IDEA! Practical no, if you work for someone else, but with all of the home based businesses nowadays; A FANTASTIC IDEA!
National Cheese Ball Day
Day of the Mushroom

Pet Owner's Day
Look Alike Day
International Juggler's Day
National Animal Cracker's Day
Paul Revere's Ride Anniversay

More April Celebrations......

Appreciate Absurdity Day
High Five Day
The Revolutionary War Begins (1775)
Astronomy Day

International Garlic Day
What a great day to catch up on recipes that incorporate garlic as a primary ingredient. Be sure to stop by our Cook's Corner and see what wonderful tools you can find to use with your garlic finds.
In fact, while you're at it, increase your general knowledge about wonderful GARLIC and its many uses!

Garlic, Garlic, Garlic


Don't forget that Mother's Day will be here within a few weeks. Most Mom's would love to relax that Sunday. A wonderful cup of tea can help her do that!!


Boys And Their Toys Day
Food Day
National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day What a sweet old time favorite. Perhaps nothing is as well loved as one of these flavorful cakes! A delightful NEW twist to this favorite is the charming mini-pan.
Lima Bean Respect Day
What a better way to show respect for the lima bean that to give it a special place in your summer garden...

Kindergarten Day
Astronomy Day
Auctioneer's Day
Tuna Right's Day
Webster's Dictionary Published (1828)
Chocolate Covered Cashew Truffle Day

Be Careful What You Say Day
EARTH DAY A more reflective day. A time to celebrate strides we have achieved environmentally through the ages. The first earth day was celebrated in 1970. Have some friends over and discuss what we have done as a global community to make a positive impact environmentally and what we can do in the future.
Be sure to show your support for our planet this day and keep a scrapbooking record of activities for future generations!
National Jelly Bean Day

National Cherry Cheesecake Day What a SWEET DAY for an April Celebration. Cherries plus Cheesecake. What a fantastic combination!!
Take A Chance Day
National Picnic Day
Lover's Day

Pig In A Blanket Day
National Teach Your Children To Save Day
Genetic Bacteria Day
Plumber's Day Let your plumber know that he or she is appreciated. After all, your plumber has probably kept you out of HOT WATER on many an occasion and has asked little in return!!

Twenty four days and counting. Let's see what Days 25 Through 30 have in store for us.

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