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Gifts such as toys, like party giving and party going, are for the old and young alike. They are not limited to a specific age group although the event or gift should be tailored to meet the interests of the participants. Occasions for gift giving abound with children. Birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, are just a few. While many gifts for children are generic in nature, you may wish to purchase a gift that is in keeping with the theme of the party. Perhaps, for a space themed party you would incorporate an age appropriate gift about space or purchase a t-shirt with a space theme. For a preschool child's party which revolves around transporation, perhaps, toy cars, trucks, construction vehicles would be well received by the child. Don't forget to include toys which stimulate a child's curiousity and promote learning. Educational toys can be fun as well as a learning experience. Also don't forget larger items as well. They can be purchased as a "group" gift.

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