Luau is perhaps the most often chosen theme for parties. What a wonderful choice it is! The atmosphere for this type of event can be either “Dressed Up” or “Dressed Down”. Either way, your guests will have a memorable time.

By utilizing all five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste you can transform any room into a tropical paradise. Try to create a dynamic location by using some of the following components for maximum impactAlso be sure not to forget your luau attire.


Flip Flop Mylar Balloon

Die cut flip flop shaped Mylar balloon

Hula Dancer Mylar Balloon

Die cut Hula dancer Mylar balloon

Popsicle Mylar Balloon

Popsicle-shaped Mylar balloon, each.



Hawiaan Luau Theme Party Banner 2 - Custom Top Line

Hawiaan Luau Theme Party Banner 2 - Custom Top Line - Regular Size: 14 inches x 5 feet - Say whatever you'd like on the top line!

Table settings:




Luau Party Music

Add great music to any luau party with our luau music CD. Plays Hawaii Five-O, Copacabana, Kokomo, Oye Como Va, Surfin' U.S.A. plus many more songs! A total of 18 songs.


Let's get this party started!

Great parties are filled with fun and are lively. Be sure to get the inspiration rolling, capture the energy and have a fantastic luau celebration!

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