Web sites that relate to crafts are featured on this page. They may provide you with inspirations and/or ideas to spur your creativity. You may elect to use these ideas at one of your parties as an activity or perhaps you may find yourself immersed in a totally new hobby. The topics do not have to be an end unto themselves but can lead to bigger and more creative outlets. Projects can be part of the events activities and not just something to prepare before. They can in themselves be the focal point of the gathering.

Scrapbooking will also be featured in this section since constructing Memory Books of your party photographs qualify as a craft activity. Necessary elements would include papers of various colors, weaves and textures. A plethora of embellishemnts also abound to make your pages "One Of A Kind". Don't forget the scissors, glue and basic necessities. Have fun with these....

Be sure to check out the fabulous array of Amazing new products at! A great selection of merchandise and activities. Holiday ideas galore! Great supplemental source for parties. A must site to visit!

Visit The Most "Colorful" Store on the Web at! Colorful and filled with ideas and activities that will inspire even the most reluctant. You really need to see this one!

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