September Celebrations...

September Celebrations - Days 25 Through 30:

National Comic Book Day
National Food Service Employees Day
World Maritime Day
National Crabmeat Newberg Day
Sequoia National Park Established

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SHAMU'S BIRTHDAY Use Shamu's birthday as a jumping off point to appreciate whales today and perhaps all aquatic life. Have a party today with Shamu as the focal point and the underlying theme the Ocean and all of it's inhabitants. It can be so much fun and educational as well. Don't forget the swim fins and googles!!
National Women's Health and Fitness Day
Johnny Appleseed's Birthday
NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY Breakfast will definately be the highlight of your party today. Pancakes come in different sizes (remember the Silver Dollars) and shapes (Mickey Mouse, for one). The things that you can add to pancakes to change them also are abundant. Apples, blueberries, pumpkin to name a few. Don't forget to be creative with your syrups also. Don't stop at maple. Think pecan, blueberry, gooseberry, honey, strawberry etc. Toppings also can be unique. Try confectioners sugar, nuts, fruits etc. Whipped cream? A simple meal yet one that can become very creative is in store.

Samuel Adam's Birthday
National Chocolate Milk Day
National Corned Beef Hash Day
World Tourism Day
Crush A Can Day
ANCESTOR APPRECIATION DAY A September Celebration to recognize and appreciate our ancestors. What fun! Invite your closest friends over and have them bring their photo albums and share stories about their ancestors. If you have a creative group, you might want to spend the time scrapbooking and putting those precious photos in a relavant setting with embellishments and words to emphasize the person and the moment. You could also

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National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
LOVE NOTE DAY Let the special someones in your life know that they are appreciated and loved. If your significant other is leaving for a business trip, tuck a sweet note in the suitcase that they are taking. A note strategically placed in a brief case to be opened later in the day will warm th heart especially if it has been a trying day. Don't forget the junior members of the household too. A love note, perhaps, written on a napkin and placed in a school lunch box will be sure to elicit a noon time smile. It will also create wonderful memories to be remembered a lifetime. We all have an intrinsic need to be loved and recognized. What a wonderful September Celebration day!
ASK A STUPID QUESTION DAY We have always been told that there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you ask a question it is because you have a need to know something. Don't ever be afraid to ask, if it is important to you. Make this day the beginning of being secure enough to inquire. Get together with a group of friends and ask each other "stupid" questions. You may find that they are not "stupid" at all. Is this a great September Celebration, or what?

NATIONAL COFFEE DAY This September Celebration can begin at the very crack of dawn. Most of us start out the morning with a large cup of this beverage to "jump start" our day. Today, let's be expansive and try different coffee beans. Perhaps a Starbuck's Breakfast Blend would be appealing to you or a more bold flavor such as Africa Kitamu would serve you well. If you have time, stop by a local coffee house and see what unique offerings they may have. Compare notes with your acquaintances on likes and dislikes. They may lead you to experiment and ultimately you may find a new coffee that you "love". Make today a September Celebration that is fun, flavorful and educational all in one. What a great reason to party. Pass the expresso, please...
Scotland Yard Established (1829)
Confucius Day

"FLINTSTONE'S" PREMIERED (1960) What a wonderful stone-age family! Invite over a few friends and don't forget to invite the "Flintstones" and the "Rubbles". This would make for a great Prehistoric costume party. Keep the laughs going at this September Celebration with cartoons and movies which feature these characters. Don't forget to sing "Meet the Flintstones" like John Candy did on a bus in what movie? (Trains, Planes and Automobiles, of course!) "YABA, DABA, DOO"...
National Hot Mulled Cider Day
National Mud Pack Day

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