October Celebrations...

October Celebrations: Days 17-24

National Pasta Day
Black Poetry Day
WEAR SOMETHING GAUDY DAY Gather all of your friends and have them show up to your party in the gaudiest clothes that they could find in their closets and drawers. The gaudier, the better rules here. Relax and have a good time. No need to try to impress at this party.

Chocolate Cupcake Day
Ivory Soap Invented
Get Smart About Credit Day
Get To Know Your Customers Day
International Credit Union Day
Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce
No Beard Day
Long Distance Day

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Star Spangled Banner 1st Sung
National Seafood Bisque Day
EVALUATE YOUR LIFE DAY Today is a personal day and not a party day. It is a day to take time and reflect upon your life as it was, how it is and how you would like it to be. Be realistic in your expectations, yet aim high.
The Revolutionary War Ended (1781)
Electricity Day

Mickey Mantle's Birthday
World Toy Camera Day
Bridge (structure)Day
Brandied Fruit Day
Reptile Awareness Day
Shampoo Day

Babbling Day
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Caramel Apple Day
Count Your Buttons Day
Incandescent Lamp Demonstrated

Used Car Day
National Color Day
National Nut Day

National Boston Cream Pie Day
National Mole Day
TV Talk Show Host Day
Canning Day

United Nation's Day
Good And Plenty Day
National Take Back Your Time Day
National Bologna Day
World Development Information Day

Great! We are three quarters of the way through the month and Halloween is just around the corner. Days 17 through 24 really gave us some creative party ideas. Let's try Days 25 Through 31 now...

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