July Celebrations...

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CREATIVE ICE CREAM FLAVORS DAY YUM,YUM!! What a totally cool and delicious day for a July Celebration!! Just about everyone loves ice cream in the traditional flavors but today let your imagination go wild and experiment with flavors you have heard about but never been brave enough to try. Take it a step further... Have a party today and provide your guests with a wide variety of ingredients that can be added to a rich vanilla ice cream base. Have your guest choose from a variety of nuts, chopped candies, sprinkles, and the like and come up with their own personal ice cream delicacies. Who knows? Someone may come up with the next world favorite flavor...
INTERNATIONAL JOKE DAY What a wonderfully fun day!! Everyone loves to hear a good joke and many others love to tell them. We all know someone who is the proverbial joke teller. We cannot stop to talk with him or her for a few minutes before they start telling a joke. Well, today is the day that we all can be such a person. The web is a great place to find sites that are just loaded with joke upon joke. A few days before this wonderful July Celebration, find a number of jokes that you enjoy, put them on a few note cards, memorize them and practice your delivery. (Remember, even the funniest joke can be a "dud" if the delivery is not smooth.) Have fun! Throw a party and have everyone exchange their best jokes. Enjoy! Laugh until your sides hurt. Laughter is the best medicine for a variety of ailments.
Special Recreation For The Disabled Day
National Gingersnap Day
Canada Day

WORLD U.F.O. DAY It was felt that the best day to celebrate Unidentified Flying Objects is on this day since it is the anniversary of the Roswell Incident. This because it is perhaps the most well documented and known incident of its kind in modern times. Great day to have a party with a Space or Alien theme. The possibilities are endless. You are sure to come up with some Out-Of-This-World food ideas. Be sure to keep an eye on the skies today.
Freedom From Fear Of Speaking Day
National Anisette Day
National Literacy Day
The "Lawrence Welk Show" Premiers (1955)

Compliment Your Mirror Day
National Chocolate Wafer Day
Eat Beans Day


Stay Out Of The Sun Day


July Celebrations

UNITED STATES INDEPENDANCE DAY What a great day for a July Celebration!! Take some time this morning and enjoy a local parade. Better yet, participate in one. Don't forget to don your red, white and blue clothing and show your patriotism! The obvious choice for a party today would be a picnic. If you would rather not venture out with the crowds, have one at home with your family, friends and neighbors. Don't forget the ever important They will truly make your decorating easy and a day to remember.
National Barbecued Spareribs Day
Caesar Salad Day
National Country Music Day
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

Caribbean Day
Apple Turnover Day
Work-A-Holics Day
The Bikini Debuts In A Paris Fashion Show (1946)

National Fried Chicken Day
Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

Macaroni Day
Cherry Pit Spitting Day
Father/Daughter Take A Walk Together Day
National Personal Chef's Day
National Strawberry Sundae Day
Chocolate Day

Video Games Day
National Chocolate With Almonds Day
The First U.S. Passport Is Issued (1796)

Yea! What a great start to the month of July. Let's see what Days 9 through 16 hold for us...

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