Halloween Origins...

Halloween origins are explored as one of the world's oldest holidays which is celebrated in the United States every year on October 31st. There are many explanations revolving around how Halloween had its' origins. Many of these ideas incorporate the Catholic Church?s religious holiday that became around the 8th Century of All Saints Day (November 1st). and the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain.

The Christian holiday centered around a mass which was celebrated on this special day. It was called Allhallowmas -- the mass of all Hallows (saintly people). The night before this day was called All Hallows Eve, which eventually became known as the day we know as Halloween.

The Celts lived around 2,000 years ago. They inhabited the area that is now known as Ireland, Northern France and the United Kingdom. They celebrated their new year on November 1st. This day commemorated the end of Summer and the beginning of the long, dark Winter ahead. It was Celtic belief that the time between Summer and Winter was conducive for the evil supernatural forces of the afterlife world as well as ghosts and spirits to become active in our time dimension. They were believed to be free to wander where ever they wished on this night.

The Celtic priests were called Druids. During the festival of Samhain, it was believed that the presence of other world beings made it easier for the Druids to fortell the future. The Druids also carried out rituals outside in the open air. They would offer up sacrifices to their gods so that the sun would return after the long Winter ahead. The bonfire upon which these sacrifices were burned represented the sun. All fires in individual homes were extinguished on this night and relit from the Druid?s bonfire (bone fire).

The Celt's believed that he spirits of folks who had died previously roamed the earth this night to possess living bodies for the next year. Therefore, in an effort to discourage the spirits from taking their body, they would dress in a scary fashion and parade around the streets. They wanted to frighten off the demons who abounded. Thus, the harbinger of our Halloween costumes.

By reviewing Halloween origins through history, we can see that October 31st which was once a superstitious and frightening night, is now celebrated with Trick or Treating, Halloween parties, Fall Festivals and fun for all ages.

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