December Celebrations...

December Celebrations - Days 1 Through 8:

World Aids Awareness Day
Eat a Red Apple Day
Rosa Park's Day

With Christmas right around the corner, you really need to "charge your batteries" and get in the spirit of things with some traditional movies. Some of our personal favorites are "Christmas Vacation", "Christmas Story" and "It's a Wonderful Life". Start a family tradition ~ traditions have to start somewhere and with someone. Why not with you this year? In fact, when our children started households of their own, we purchased copies for them to continue on with the merriment and family bonding.

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NATIONAL PIE DAY Wouldn't it be great to put on a pot of coffee, invite a few friends over to casually devour a few different types of pies!! It wouldn't be great, it would be downright decadent...YES!

Special Education Day
First Artificial Heart Transplant

National Fritter's Day


National Roof Over Your Head Day
National Apple Pie Day
International Day Of Disabled Persons
Illinois Becomes A State

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SANTA'S LIST DAY If you haven't made your holiday "WISH LIST" yet, now is definately the time to do so. Most of us who still believe in Santa have it done around the Thanksgiving Holiday. By doing so, Santa can take advantage of those "Black Friday" sales the day after Thanksgiving! Ooops...maybe instead of us making a wish list, this is the day that Santa checks over HIS list for good boys and girls...Better be good!!
Wear Brown Shoes Day
National Dice Day
NATIONAL COOKIE DAY A wonderful day to have a few friends over to bake cookies together and make the chore a little lighter for everyone. If the cookies are already baked, why not consider a "cookie exchange". That way everyone will have several different kinds of cookies to present while entertaining during December celebrations later in the month. Be sure to exchange recipes; you never know which ones will be "keepers".

WALT DISNEY'S BIRTHDAY Time to take a break and celebrate Mr. Disney's Birthday. Try inviting a few friends over, and popping a few of Walt's films into the DVD player for a relaxing evening of wholesome family entertainment.
National Communicate With Your Baby Day
Bathtub Party Day

ST. NICHOLAS DAY Be sure to remember to hang up your socks the night before today so that St. Nick will leave you some small treats. Hopefully, you won't get a piece of coal. You know what that means you naughty kitten...
National Pawnbrokers Day
Mitten Tree Day
Miner's Day
National Gazpacho Day
Microwave Oven Day
Put On Your Own Shoes Day

National Cotton Candy Day
Letter Writing Day


International Civil Aviation Day
Pearl Harbor Day

NATIONAL BROWNIE DAY Brownies...definately the way to a man's heart. Let's be honest, the way to anyone's heart! We still haven't met anyone who doesn't like a brownie. For this December Celebration have a few people over for coffee and brownies or take a box to work to share as a special treat for the holiday season. You can find several wonderful easy recipes that you can make from scratch or box mixes that are really easy to prepare. You can really go crazy and find an internet source that can supply you with just about any variety of brownie that you can imagine. Check out our Serendipity section for some great sources of delicacies. Hungry yet? We are!
International Shareware Day

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Eight days have past in December and Santa is almost here. How exciting! Let's see what other unique reasons to party we can find within the next eight days of December. December Celebrations: Day 9 through 16 are just ahead.

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